National transport

We offer cheap, fast, safe and reliable transportation of goods throughout the country. We are specialized to the delivery of goods for companies including companies in the food industry. We have a diverse and a reliable fleet. All our cars are under constant control of our dispatching. Your load is always adequately insured.


International Shipping

There is a lot of years of own experience in international transport throughout Europe. We will provide everithing from necessary documents, proper insurance of your cargo, to the very smooth delivery of cargo to its destination on time. Your cargo is safe with us. All vehicles are carefully monitored by GPS and drivers are constantly in touch.



We have own storage space in the Opatovice nad Labem. This is the ground unheated warehouse. It is secured and connected to the PCO. There is unlimited tonnage and good access for vehicles, including trucks. It is usually used for temporary storage, transshipment, distribution of larger consignments and even for independent storage of goods for a longer time.



Our services

JF Logistics GROUP s.r.o. provides high quality comprehensive transportation and logistics services.

We always take into account the nature of transported cargo. We are flexible and customer-oriented. Our fleet is regularly expanding in line with the latest trends in transportation technologies. Of course, our cars has a satellite system GPS, which provides an overview of the location and approximate delivery time for our customers. All our services are provided with professionalism and safety.

  • National transport

    We offer cheap, fast, safe and reliable transport of goods throughout the Czech republic. We are specialized in distribution of goods for companies, including the food industry.

    • All vehicles are constantly controled.
    • Your load is always adequately insured.
    • We have a diverse and reliable fleet.


  • International transport

    We provide an international transport throughout Europe for several years. We will fix up everything necessary from documents and proper insurance of your cargo, to the very smooth delivery of cargo to its destination on time.

    • We will arrange the necessary documents.
    • Your load is always adequately insured.
    • Our vehicles are tracked using GPS.
    • The drivers are regularly in contact with us.


  • Storage

    We have own storage place in Opatovice nad Labem. It can be used for temporary storage, transshipment, distribution of larger consignments and possibly for independent storage of goods for a longer period.

    • This is a ground unheated warehouse with unlimited tonnage.
    • Good accessibility for vehicles including trucks.
    • Stock is secured and connected to the centralized security.


  • Express Delivery

    We offer non-stop express delivery of your shipment in the shortest possible time throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. We transport goods reliably according to your requirements and agreement in the required delivery date.

    • Fast and reliable delivery of consignments.
    • Loading and unloading at your designated location.
    • Your shipment is constantly monitored.
    • Customer is informed about the status of the shipment and its delivery.
    • We can offer cars and trucks too.


  • Moving

    We realize fast and efficient moving of one piece of furniture, whole house, office, or even the whole company in the Czech Republic. We also provide removal of unnecessary objects and materials destined for disposal.

    • Your stuff is safe with us - our experience guarantees minimal risk of damage.
    • The price is negotiated by the volume of moved things away and conditions for the loading and unloading.
    • We can offer vehicles of different sizes according to the volume of orders.


  • Spedition

    We provide comprehensive solutions in national and international transport of various goods according to customer needs. Our company arranges the best transportation of your package with regard to speed and safety.

    • Transportation to all states in Europe.
    • Customs documents and insurance is up to us.
    • Individual approach to every customer.
    • We are quickly adaptible to changes in traffic conditions and client requirements.


About us

Company foundation

Our company was founded in 2006 by Mr. Jiří Fingr as an individual person. It was transferred to the company JF Logistics s.r.o. in begin of 2016, based in Opatovice nad Labem.


Looking for consistent and interesting work in a good team? Is driving your hobby? Need to improve your experience with the logistics? Need to earn good money? You are at the right site.

The actual job list is available only in CZ version of website. Please, go here, for display our actual job offers.

Did you not find a job according to your wishes? Do you think that you have something to offer? Never mind, let us know as well. We are a quickly growing company and the position which is missing today, we can offer tomorrow.

Do not hesitate to call us +420 720 077 599 or send your curriculum vitae to our email We will contact you as soon as possible. Maybe we are looking for you.



Vozový park JF Logistics GROUP

There is no business without quality and reliable fleet. It is necessary for every serious company focused to logistics. Currently, we have around 70 cars of different types and size and our fleet continuously gain with new vehicles. Overview of all cars and their parameters are listed below.


Almost nothing is possible without some papers. Within our services we try to arrange everything necessary for you. All relevant documents relating to us, are ready for preview and download here.

Our customers

We are here for several years and there is a lot of satisfied clients cooperating with us in the long term.